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Cover of 2012 Prairie Garden - click for a 10 page sampler Table of Contents
  • Seven Top Tips for Tree Collectors on the Prairies by Rick Durand
  • Prairie T.R.U.S.T. Project by Rick Durand
  • The Case of the Crooked Trees by William R. Remphrey
  • Prairie Pines by Richard Staniforth
  • New Invasive Forest Pests by Jon Leferink
  • Small Yards Do Not Mean Small Choices by Jan Pedersen
  • Trees + Wildlife = Happy Healthy Planet by Sarah Coulber
  • Trees are for (the) Birds by Rudolf Koes
  • Budding – The Driving Force Behind Shade Tree Production by Philip Ronald
  • Just Like Yards, Woodlots are a Work in Progress! by Shane Tornblom
  • Fungi and Trees by David Punter
  • Using Trees for Growing Mushrooms by Ken Fosty
  • Trees for the Northern Plains Book Review by Rick Durand
  • Caterpillar-hunting on Trees by Terry D. Galloway
  • Jade: The Money Tree Undervalued by Ardythe McMaster
  • Bonsai – A Prairie Perspective by Stu Innes
  • Pruning Trees by Carl Epp
  • Stump Removal by Al Kalynchuk
  • Municipal Tree Ordinances by Scott Liudahl
  • A Little Less Salt Please by John Ball and Chad Taecker
  • Is Going Native Such A Great Idea? by John Driedger
  • Japanese Tree Lilacs by Sandy Venton
  • Seabuckthorn by Anthony Mintenko
  • Manchurian Ash – Does It Have a Future? by Rick Durand
  • Bur Oak - A Tree With Character by William (Bill) Schroeder
  • Dutch Elm Disease by Gary Platford
  • A Reprieve from Dutch Elm Disease by Linda Pearn
  • A Topiary Garden in Winnipeg by Colleen Zacharias
  • Forest Enhancement Program by Gil Godard
  • In Search of Maple Glory by Robert Golinoski
  • Woodcarving by Fran Partridge
  • Prairie Sour Cherries by Dr. Bob Bors
  • Apricots for the Prairies by Sheryl Normandeau
  • My Story of the Kerr Apple by Betty Kehler
  • Harvesting, Enjoying and Sharing Prairie Fruit by Getty Stewart
  • Haskap and Blue Honeysuckles by Dr. Bob Bors
  • Brix from Tree to Table by Mitchell Omichinski
  • Plants, the Environment, and the Human Touch by John King
  • Biological Control and the Emerging Biopesticide Market by Karen Bailey
  • The Prairie Butterfly Garden by Jeff Marcus
  • Cedar Lake Amber by Graham Young
  • Mycorrhizae Growth Supplements by Ken Land
  • Tall Bearded Iris - Plant Hardiness by Barbara Jackson
  • Large Shrubs for Rural Landscapes by Sara Williams
  • Favoured & Perseverant Perennials by Charlotte Tataryn
  • Delicious Dill by Ed Czarnecki
  • Gardening, Naturally Book Review by Jean I. Pomo
  • Plant Hardiness Zones – What’s That? by Frances Wershler
  • The Land of Promise by Members of the Miami Horticulture Society
  • Composting for Canada Book Review by Colleen Zacharias
  • Morden Research Station by Wilbert G. Ronald
  • In Memoriam: Lawrence Aubin by Cyndie van der Veen
  • In Memoriam: Richard Barrie Strohman by Sandy Venton
  • 2011 Award for Excellence by Linda Pearn
  • Temperature and Measurement Conversions

The 2012 Prairie Garden
is our first Full-Colour edition and features


Rick Durandwith guest editor Rick Durand, a long-time prairie tree researcher.

Rick Durand received an honours degree in Forestry from Lakehead University in 1978. Rick worked for Jeffries Nurseries for 14 years as Manager of Research & Development. While working for Jeffries Nurseries, he developed and participated in introducing and promoting over 30 cultivars of perennials, trees and shrubs. As the owner of Prairie Shade Nursery/Prairie Shade Consulting Services, Rick has 30 years experience evaluating research plots of woody ornamental cultivars for the Canadian prairies, and has developed 16 tree cultivars under his own company.  Rick is currently the project leader of the Western Nursery Growers Group tree trials that are located at six sites in Prairie Canada.  Rick is also the Research Coordinator for the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association.  His prime role is to coordinate the transfer of all the roses and other woody ornamentals from the federal government (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) research centres, located in St. Jean, Quebec and Morden, Manitoba to the horticulture industry.

The Prairie Garden 2012 Book Launch The Book Launch of the 2012 Prairie Garden at
McNally Robinson Book Sellers, Feb 21, 2012

The Guest Editorial

by Rick Durand

Trees have become a best friend to me. I enjoy their presence and I feel their struggle to withstand the assault incited by Mother Nature and mankind. I celebrate with them in their moments of glory during spring flowering and autumn display, and I lament the passing of another growing season when winter approaches. Trees showcase the coming of spring and its hope and potential to bring prosperity. Trees ground me and make me feel part of the organic world that is dynamic and uncompromising. Trees support a clean environment and make it livable and beautiful. Trees have the ability to change a desert into an oasis, transform urban sprawl into a vibrant community and help maintain the precious soil for human existence. This edition on trees is to enlighten and remind the reader that trees, much like a best friend, create a world of magnificence around them.

Change is the word that best describes the last twelve years since the Prairie Garden featured Trees. The increased invasion of exotic pests to North America, due to the exponential growth of world trade, has created havoc for our native trees. The longer and warmer fall seasons of the past twelve years have improved the chances of survival in protected prairie sites for collector trees such as hickory and Kentucky coffee tree. Cultural change has been greatly impacted by the growth of technology, and many gardeners are using social networking to share gardening interests and their love of trees.

Ash, elms and ornamental aspens, the staple of our urban and rural plantings, are now being threatened by exotic pests. We need to adapt – and focus on identifying and using other tree choices. The message for diversity in our urban forests over a decade ago has fallen on deaf ears. Now, more than ever, diversity is critical for the survival of our urban forests. In this edition you will learn how prairie tree growers have established a tree trial to test a variety of trees that have the potential of successfully growing in our rural and urban sites. It is hoped that we will become more proactive and plant an assortment of trees for our urban locations that are resistant to the unwanted exotic pests.

This edition of the Prairie Garden touches on many aspects of trees, including threats to trees, tree diversity, our passion and love of the beauty of trees, tree products, tree carving, syrup making and bird watching. The many food products that come from trees are unique and nutritious and the information on how you can be successful in producing and/or creating them is presented by an eclectic group of prairie people. The need to keep planting trees for future generations is a theme that is touched on throughout this book. This 2012 Prairie Garden also includes memories of the passing of some special prairie innovators, a summary of the closing of the Morden Research Station woody ornamental program and the history of our successful Dutch Elm Disease program in Manitoba. As you read this edition, I hope you will reflect how we as prairie gardeners need to keep the pioneer spirit alive and search for solutions to tree survival in our harsh continental climate. The tree lovers of the world need to harness the new communication technology to promote how trees enrich our lives and how trees are an essential part of our survival and culture.

I would like to thank the Prairie Garden committee. These volunteers work tirelessly every year to convey relevant and insightful prairie garden information to the gardening community at large. A special thanks to Richard Denesiuk, the Editor, who reviews, compiles and organizes the many articles. Richard, you did an awesome job of compiling the Prairie Garden’s first ever full-colour edition! The dedication of the entire Prairie Garden committee to publicize accurate and current horticulture information is steadfast. Let us take this knowledge to better our community and environment.


Click here for a 10 page sampler of the 2012 edition

Click here for a 10 page sampler of the 2012 edition

The 2012 Prairie Garden is on the Top 10 Winnipeg Best Sellers List at McNally Robinson Booksellers

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