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The 2009 Prairie Garden
Table of Contents

  • The Top 5 Shrubs
  • Introduction to Deciduous Shrubs by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • Prairie Lilacs by Freek Vrugtman
  • Pruning Deciduous Shrubs by J.A. Menzies & A. Gudziak
  • Problems and Solutions with Woody Shrubs in the Home Landscape by Michael Allen
  • Tiger Eyes Sumac – Fire on The Prairies by Vickie Pondell
  • The Colour Purple by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • Amur & Tatarian Maples – Red Splash in Your Landscape by Rick Durand
  • Bearberry – One Interesting Shrub! by Dr. Bill Remphrey
  • Barberries for The Northern Great Plains by Paul G. Olsen
  • Topgrafted Shrubs by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • A Lifetime of Endless Summers by Jim Kohut
  • Flowering Shrubs for the Prairie Garden by Owen Vanstone
  • Growing Azaleas on The Prairies by Jim Kohut
  • Spirea …Not Just Another Petunia by Duayne Friesen
  • Ornamental Shrubs with Edible Fruit by Linda Matthews
  • Shrubs of Churchill, Manitoba by Dr. Karen L. Johnson
  • The Amorphas by Shirley Froehlich
  • Large Shrubs for Rural Landscapes: the well-mannered by Sara Williams
  • Shrubs for Woodlot Plantings by Ken Fosty
  • Shrubby Potentilla Cultivar Development at University of Manitoba by Louis Lenz & Linda Pearn
  • Pagoda Dogwood by Eileen Rosen
  • Shrubs as Houseplants by Susanne Olver

  • Breeding New Landscape Plants by Dr. Harold Pellett
  • Dwarf Conifers for the Mixed Border by Sara Williams
  • Ornamental Trees and Shrubs – Choosing Plants to Create a Four Season Garden by Jennifer Ewen
  • Wild Bonsai by Dean Laughren
  • Gardening for Butterflies on The Prairies by Dr. Richard Westwood
  • Small Ornamental Trees for The Prairies by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • Skybound Cedar - A Manitoba Introduction by Ron Boughen
  • Bronze Leaf Disease of Poplars  by Dr. Philip Northover
  • A Garden for the Birds by Rudolf Koes
  • Wild About Backyard Birding by Sherrie Versluis
  • Perilla – Pretty or Poison, or “Pretty Poison” by Frances Wershler
  • Own-Rooted Sugar Maple Study at the University of Manitoba by Teresa A Sutanto, M.Sc. candidate
  • Prairie Wetland Plants by Dr. Eva Pip
  • Peonies – A Tree Or Not A Tree by Sandy Venton
  • Control of Diseases of Trees by Dr. Gary Platford
  • Follow That Bee! by  Todd Ashley Yakimishen
  • Ticks and the Garden by Dr. Terry D. Galloway
  • The Importance of Healthy Riparian Areas by Heather Davies
  • Keep Your Plants Pumping Iron by David C. Zlesak
  • Henry Marshall By Melanie Penner
  • Frank Skinner’s Legacy by Hugh Skinner
  • In Memoriam: William James Turnock
  • 50 Years Ago: Dianthus (Pinks) by A. Munro, F.R.H.S., Calgary, AB.
  • In Memoriam: Hugh Knowles
  • Sara Williams - Winner of The 2008 Prairie Garden Award for Excellence by Linda Pearn
  • The Prairie Garden Index 2004–2008 Inclusive

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The 2009 Prairie Garden

Deciduous Shrubs

Philip Ronald
Philip Ronald

The guest editor is of Jeffries Nurseries in Portage la Prairie, MB. Philip was raised on the Canadian prairies and educated in plant breeding and horticulture at the University of Manitoba and University of Saskatchewan. Philip completed his Ph.D. in 2000 as part of the Native Fruit Program at the University of Saskatchewan investigating saskatoon berry host response to an important fungal disease.

The Book launch of The 2009 Prairie Garden at
McNally Robinson at Grant Park
Book Launch of the 2009 Prairie Garden

He presently manages the research and marketing programs at Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Dr. Ronald also serves as the national research chair for the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association. In his spare time, Philip enjoys teaching courses in woody plant materials and exploring the region’s landscapes and forests in search of promising new plants. His first plant introduction, a small tree known as Goldspur® Amur Cherry, is now available in the nursery trade. He resides near Portage la Prairie with his wife Karen and their five children.

The Guest Editorial

Louis Lenz - Potentilla    As guest editor, it has been a privilege to work with The Prairie Garden committee in assembling the outstanding selection of articles you are about to read. The bookshelf in my home office bears more than a few past issues of The Prairie Garden, which I often find myself enjoying yet again as winter begins to pass and thoughts of spring emerge. Many of us draw fresh inspiration for gardening from the pages of this publication which has become a time-honored tradition for prairie gardeners.
    The Prairie Garden committee is a volunteer not-for-profit organization celebrating its 70th Anniversary. As the committee embraced the theme of Shrubs for the 2009 edition, we felt compelled to further narrow the subject to Deciduous Shrubs. We recognize that, in so doing, we have omitted a valuable section of low growing plants, Midnight Wine Weigelaspecifically the evergreens. However, this has allowed us to provide the reader with the opportunity to focus on the diverse, four season attractiveness of deciduous shrubs.
    The deciduous shrub is a standard and essential item in nearly every residential and commercial landscape. Far from mundane, this large group consists of more than 200 cold hardy shrub cultivars and species commonly available in the Prairies, offering tremendous diversity of colour, texture, size and shape. Even the newest green thumb will be inspired.
    Suffice it to say, we had no difficulty filling our new 32-page colour section with stunning photographs of woody ornamentals for all prairie landscapes.
Tiger Eyes Sumac    The front cover of the 2009 edition features Diablo Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius), a member of an exciting group of deciduous shrubs, the purple-leafed ninebarks. Starting with the release of Diablo in 1999, a progression of purple-leafed cultivars has emerged - all with slightly different attributes. Although the purple ninebarks have a large footprint at maturity, they have become a favorite plant of landscapers for their cold hardiness, vigor and outstanding foliage colour. They represent just one of the many shrubs described within the pages of this valuable resource.
Bearberry by Dr Bill Remphrey    We have called on many excellent authors to open up the world of deciduous shrubs to you the reader. Articles on Azalea, Barberry, Dogwood, Hydrangea, Lilac, Maple, Potentilla, Spirea, and Sumac cover many of the most popular shrub species. Tips for maintaining healthy shrubs are mingled with stories of plant breeders who discuss their efforts in developing new shrub cultivars. You will also find short lists of favorite shrubs submitted by a panel of experts from across the northern plains.
    The balance of our book contains a unique collection of general information articles on topics ranging from attracting birds and butterflies to the home landscape to a refresher on tree disorders, including an in-depth look at Bronze Leaf Disease which has manifested itself across southern Manitoba in recent years. The entomologists in our readership will be pleased to find articles that examine the health of prairie bee hives and the secret life of ticks.
Wild Bonsai    It has been a pleasure to work with editor Richard Denesiuk, whose computer expertise and creativity has created the attractive layout that you are about to peruse. And kudos to the rest of The Prairie Garden committee for writing, soliciting and editing articles to produce a concise and information packed edition.
    Enjoy your investigation of Deciduous Shrubs!



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