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  • The Wild, Wild Rose by Peter J. Peters
  • The Rosaceae Family by Michael Allen
  • Breeding Hardier Roses for the Prairies by Hugh Skinner
  • Identifying Manitoba’s Native Roses by Edward Czarnecki
  • Landscaping with Roses on the Prairies by Paul G. Olsen
  • Climbing Roses­–The Height of Beauty by Frances Wershler
  • Small Roses in Containers by Brian Porter
  • Roses, Decks and Patios by Paul G. Olsen
  • Forty-five Years of Parkland Roses by Paul G. Olsen
  • Parkland and Explorer Roses in the Northern Plains States by Eric Bergeson
  • Parkland and Explorer Roses Cultivar Data compiled by Arnold F. Pittao and Brian J. Porter
  • Yellow Roses for the Canadian Prairies by Dr. Philip Ronald
  • Altai Scotch Rose – an Important Component in Hardy Rose Breeding by Hugh Skinner
  • The Name of the Rose: a Metaphor in Duality by Stefan Fediuk
  • The Romance of Old Roses by Eileen Rosen
  • The Elegance of Bailey Roses in Manitoba Trial Evaluations on the Prairies by Rick Durand
  • Roses for the Cottage by Audrey Law Hosegood
  • The Romance of a Rose by Carla Hrycyna
  • Roses For Shade by Claire Bérubé
  • Buck Roses In the Far North by Paul G. Olsen
  • Overwintering Roses by Valerie Denesiuk
  • Control of Diseases and Insect Pests of Roses by Dr. Gary Platford
  • Otherwise Normal People–Inside the Obsessive and Thorny World of Competitive Rose Gardening reviewed by Frances Wershler
  • Roses in Transition: The English Garden Rose Collection of Assiniboine Park by Stefan Fediuk
  • A Memorial Rose Garden - Revisited by Mona Hughson
  • How to Prune Roses (Ouch!) When You’re Blind by Robert P. (Phil) Graham
  • The Last of the Prairie Rosarians - Walter Schowalter by Arnold Pittao
  • Robert Erskine by Linda Tomlinson
  • Percy Wright the Man by Sara Williams
  • All In The Family – The ‘Ross Rambler’ Rose by Arnold F. Pittao
  • An Open Letter to Betty Biddulph by Marian Schneider
  • Celebrity Roses Crossword by Stefan Fediuk


  • Columbines and their Insect Pests by Carla Hrycyna and Bill Turnock
  • Growing Hydrangeas on the Prairies by Jim Kohut
  • From Brrr to Aaah! by Claire Bérubé
  • Solomon’s Seals for the Shade by Shirley Froehlich
  • Connecting with the Past by Dr. R.E. England
  • A Rose By Any Other Name Would… Still Not Be An Orchid by Denise Fortier
  • Stevenson Commemorative Award to Dr. Dale E. Herman by Wilbert G. Ronald
  • Soil Fertility and Organic Gardening by Dr. Ieuan R. Evans
  • What’s That Plant? by Claire Bérubé
  • Man-Eaters of Manitoba: Carnivorous Plants by Dr. Karen L. Johnson
  • Herbicides by Penni Mitchell
  • Gardening on the Rocks by Marjorie MacIver
  • Northern Bedstraw by Shirley Froehlich
  • Abutilon Hybrid ‘Bella’ by Susanne Olver
  • 50 Years Ago: Beauty in the Autumn Border by Dr. W. R. Leslie
  • The 2008 Award for Excellence: Southwest Farm Women’s Network - Garden Tour by Linda Pearn

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The 2008 Prairie Garden features

Rosa Woodsii

The 2008 Prairie Garden is available in bookstores and garden centers across the Prairies!  The featured theme of the 2008 edition is ‘Roses’.  Guest editor, Paul G. Olsen, is certain that it will become a gardening classic and valuable reference for Prairie gardeners. 

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"I must congratulate your editors and contributors on creating a fine volume of material on hardy roses. There is a great deal of interesting information for all rose growers."
Ralph Bullough
President, Canadian Rose Society

As the 2008 guest editor, Paul has chosen an excellent selection of articles representing the most current and useful practices for growing roses in the extreme conditions of Zone 2 and 3 climates . Featuring articles written by foremost Prairie gardeners on diverse subjects ranging from new insights into the beginnings of rose development by the first hybridizers to the versatile use of roses in today’s evolving landscape, this informative guide will satisfy both the novice and seasoned rose devotee.  Practical articles such as “Landscaping with Roses on the Prairies” and “Roses, Decks and Patios”, by Paul G. Olsen, provide new and interesting ways to use roses in your landscape.  This exciting edition is filled with up-to-date information and tips on the care of roses and will inspire you to grow them with confidence.

ButterballFor those with a passion for roses or a desire to learn more about this most romantic and challenging plant, The 2008 Prairie Garden ‘Roses’ is an indispensable guide.  Learn about new introductions (“The Elegance of Bailey Roses in Manitoba – Trial Evaluations on the Prairies” by Rick Durand), selecting roses for shady areas and tips for overwintering roses.  Take an inside look at “The Obsessive and Thorny World of Competitive Rose Gardening” reviewed by Frances Wershler and delight in the entertaining story shared by one brave, blind gardener!  Enjoy stunning, full-color photographs.

De MontarvilleThe 2008 edition will also provide the Prairie gardener with fascinating articles on a wide variety of subjects, such as “Columbines and their Insect Pests” by Carla Hrycyna and Bill Turnock, “Growing Hydrangeas on the Prairies” by Jim Kohut, “Man-Eaters of Manitoba:  Carnivorous Plants” by Dr. Karen L. Johnson and “Soil Fertility and Organic Gardening” by Dr. Ieuan R. Evans, to name just a few!

The 2008 Prairie Garden Guest Editor: Paul G. Olsen, B.Sc.
The 2008 Prairie Garden Guest Editor: Paul G. OlsenBorn in Alberta (Bentley, 1946).  Lived in Alberta, Saskatchewan and North Dakota before moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1962.  Graduated from the University of Guelph with an Ontario Diploma in Horticulture in 1973 and a B.Sc. (General Science) from Lakehead University in 1977. 

Paul met Percy Wright in the late 1970's, when he became interested in rose culture.  He also got to know some of the great Prairie horticulturists - Robert Simonet, Bert Porter, Robert Erskine, John Wallace, Art Coutts and Walter Schowalter.  In the 1970s and 80s Paul was a frequent visitor to the Morden Agriculture Canada Research Station.  He got to know Henry Marshall and Lynn Collicutt, the Ornamentals breeders quite well.

Paul breeds roses, concentrating on Rugosas, and has developed several selections.  He's been a member of the Rose Hybridizers Association for many years. He specializes on the biology and taxonomy of the three Prairie native species of roses as well as the history and development of Canadian roses and has written several articles on this subject published in the National Roses Canada publication. For the past four years, he's been renovating the Devonian Botanic Gardens rose garden in Edmonton. He was also responsible for the major improvement of the Brooks (Crop Development Centre South) rose garden in the early 2000s.


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