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The 2007 Prairie Garden: The Edible Landscape

The 2007 Prairie Garden:
The Edible Landscape

is available at McNally Robinson, your favourite nursery or order by mail.

Guest Editor Jim Kohut, President and one of the founders of Northscaping a fairly new and innovative resource aimed at northern gardeners, invites you to integrate edibles into your home landscaping. Articles cover a wide range of edibles you can grow in your garden or find in the wild - heirloom tomatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, tree nuts, edible flowers, sea buckthorn, cherries for the Prairies, Minnesota blueberries, to mention a few. A book review of Sara William's latest book done by Hugh Skinner, allotment gardens, St. Andrews Market Gardens and Victory Gardens are just a few other topics covered. Tons of general gardening information too!

Book Launch 2007
Jim Kohut speaks at
McNally Robinson Book Launch , Feb 20, 2007

The Edible Landscape, this year's theme, represents a major portion of the articles in this year's issue.

Topics include:


  • Multiplier Onions - how to have a continuous crop of a variety of sized onions for different uses
  • Heritage Vegetables & Tomatoes - Tanya Stefanec's favourites (see her article in the 2006 book)
  • Growing Heirloom Tomatoes - by committee member BJ Jackson with photos by Amanda Botincan
  • Edible Landscaping with Heirlooms - by Mary Brittain
  • The Vegetable Garden: Beyond its Monetary Value - by Alex Oliver
  • Grow a Row for Your Canine Friend - by Susanne Olver
  • Rhubarb - cooking hints
  • Apples - learn about a new "home-made" hybrid by the Batenchuks
  • Crab Apples - edible & delicious by Jim Kohut
  • Tree Nuts for the Prairies - by Rick Durand
  • Honeycrisp Apples - by Jim Kohut (picture on the cover)
  • Minnesota Blueberries - by David Hansen
  • Cherries for the Prairies - by Patricia Hanbidge
  • Apple & Crab Apple Fly Maggot Control - by Michael Allen

  • Edible Native Plants - by Gary Platford, Co-Chair of The Prairie Garden Committee
  • Herb Society of Manitoba - by June Harris, Editor, The Prairie Sage Quarterly
  • Edible Flowers for the Prairie Garden - by Sandra Gowan
  • Orris Iris - by Eleanor Hutchison
  • Gourmet Perennials: Daylilies for Dinner & Lilacs for Lunch - by Coreen Franke
And more! The remainder of the articles cover a range of gardening topics. Each issue of The Prairie Garden includes yearly feature articles such as:

  • 50 Years Ago: A Glimpse into the Past - an article carefully chosen from the issue of The Prairie Garden that was published 50 years ago.

  • Annual Book Review - a new gardening book for the prairies is reviewed. This year Hugh Skinner reviews Sara Williams' new book, In A Cold Land – Saskatchewan’s Horticultural Pioneers

  • The Prairie Garden Award for Excellence - each year the latest winner is featured. Check the AWARDS page to find out more about how to nominate someone for this monetary award, and all about the winners!

We also try to cover one garden insect, a houseplant and at least one memorable prairie garden each year, depending on submissions and space. The 2007 book features the new Daylily Display Gardens at Beausejour, MB, article by Carol Bender.

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