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The 2006 Prairie Garden: Myth, Magic and Meditation

The 2006 Prairie Garden:
Myth, Magic & Meditation

This issue is available at McNally Robinson or your favourite garden centre. Or, order: by mail. A book launch washeld at McNally Robinson at 8:00 pm on February 22, 2006. Read all about this release below, have a look at the Press Release, or view a pdf of the Table of Contents.

View McNally Robinson's page for The 2006 Prairie Garden

The 2006 book features "Myth, Magic and Meditation!" We explore the nature by which we are rejuvenated through gardening or by visiting gardens. Stefan Fediuk, Guest Editor for the 2006 book, has served the greater Winnipeg area in a horticultural capacity for the last 20 years. His hopes are that this issue's focus on our gardening customs and traditions will help validate our perceptions of the ability of gardens and gardening to uplift our spirit. This theme lent itself to a variety of stories about special prairie gardens, and folklore and myths about our prairie native and garden plants. Some of the topics covered include:

MYTH Topics
Garden Folklore
Old Wive's Tales & Garden Remedies
Plant Myths
Mythologies in Indian Gardens

MAGIC Topics
Moon Gardens (The Romance and Magic of Evening Gardens on the Prairies)
The Magic of Trees in Winter
Composting - Magic from the Earth
Magical Plants / The Magic of Herbs
Creating Magic in the Garden
Toxic Plants

Garden Labyrinths
Healing Gardens - The Garden as Therapy
Medieval Gardens
Union in the Landscape: Outoor Wedding Spaces
The Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

As well, each year, the book contains many general gardening arcticles and includes yearly feature articles such as:

  • 50 Years Ago: A Glimpse into the Past - an article carefully chosen from the issue of The Prairie Garden that was published 50 years ago,

  • Houseplants - a different houseplant is featured each year (African Violets in this issue),

  • Annual Book Review - a new gardening book for the prairies is reviewed,

  • Insects in the Garden - another interesting prairie garden insect is highlighted each year (this year, the dragonfly), and

  • the latest winner of The Prairie Garden Award for Excellence is featured. To learn more about Honeywood, the 2005 winner, you can also check our AWARDS page. This heritage nursery in Saskatchewan, Canada, is also featured in the 2004 book, and has their own Web site at: www.honeywood-lilies.ca.

For more information on labyrinths, visit the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth page.

Guidelines on how you can submit articles and/or images for inclusion in future issues of The Prairie Garden can be viewed at the following links:




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