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The 2002 Prairie Garden: Landscape Design

The 2002 Prairie Garden:
Landscape Design

Featuring Landscape Design The 2002 Prairie Garden annual is packed with ideas for designing rural and city gardens, small areas and special features in your yard. Its colour section offers a great look at some of the plants and shrubs appropriate for prairie gardens. In the General Gardening section, beer-making fans can read about growing hops, winter gardeners will find the answers to their houseplant questions, and people with woodlots and acreages will be interested to read about shitake mushroom culture. A prize winning gladiola grower tells her secrets for growing and showing gladiola while another writer gives advice on bringing birds into your yard. Rural readers often say that their gardens are faced with special problems, and two writers offer assistance in planning shelterbelts and island beds where there is plenty of space.

This 152-page book provides a collection of information and pictures about gardening in prairie conditions. A volunteer committee set out 63 years ago to address gardening techniques for local conditions and varieties that thrive in the prairie provinces. The committee has changed over the years, but the goal remains the same and the digest-sized book is a far cry from the first issues. As new publications appear, the committee asks whether it should continue, but so far no other publication provides so much local information with so little advertizing or information unproven in our gardens. The book sells at a price covering only its cost of production and handling, making it accessible to every garden reader.

Guest editor for the 2002 Prairie Garden is Roger Brown who recently retired as Supervisor of Government Grounds for the Province of Manitoba. He is a well-known and knowledgeable gardener, trained in England and experienced with work in many Manitoba gardens. He offers tips on designing your own yard and writes of his gardening experiences. Roger has been associated with the production of The Prairie Garden for nearly 30 years. Examine the Table of Contents for the 2002 issue to find out more about this issue.

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